Gossip Girl “Father and the Bride” Review

For all the scheming and backstabbing and evil priests that are present in "Father and the Bride," this week’s Gossip Girl, it really should have been a much more interesting episode. Perhaps I’m still bitter over the ridiculous Blair and Chuck angst to which we are still being submitted. Or I could be annoyed with Dan’s hopeless crush on Blair. Or it could be the fact that I was expected to believe that a princess and a future princess would ever be made to wait in a line on a New York city street for macaroons. Kate might do that in England, but even before she was pre-royalty, Blair would have closed that store for an hour if she wanted to select cookies.

But let’s get to my real problem with this episode. How can a story that involves a wayward princess and her ordained lover trying to take over the throne bore me so much?! It has to be the accents…the terrible, horrible, stilted, quasi-French accents. It could also, perhaps, be the fact that I’d be totally glad if the evil priest succeeded in his plan of stopping the wedding. It’s what most viewers want! He’s hardly a villain when he’s teaming up with Chuck; we’re on Chuck’s side, remember? Read More...



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