Alcatraz “Kit Nelson” Review

Alcatraz returned tonight for its very first "Non-pilot" episode of the series: "Kit Nelson". Ok, technically the second half of last week’s two-hour series premiere wasn’t the "Pilot", but it was still part of the premiere event that sets up the conceit of the show. I was almost more excited for this episode, as the second episode of a series is usually a good indicator of what type of TV show this is going to be. After establishing all of the characters, relationships, and backstories in episode one, the second episode shows us where they’re going to go with it.

Well, one thing has definitely been maintained since the premiere: This show is freakin’ brutal! The series was set up as the world’s most dangerous criminals being released in modern time, and that certainly seems to be the case! After the incredibly creepy opening scene of the titular Kit Nelson abducting a child in his bedroom, we see the guy get the crap beat out of him in the Alcatraz yard. Then for the rest of his flashbacks, he had all kinds of bloody cuts and bruises all over his face! I’m glad they’re not trying to shy away from the brutality of these inmates. Read More... 


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