'Once Upon a Time': What's in the box? What's in the box?!


"Once Upon a Time" gets back to what is probably my favorite storyline - Snow White/Mary Margaret and Prince James/David. And we meet the dwarves!Fairytale LandThe wedding of James and Abigail is coming up, so James writes to Snow, begging to see her before it happens. She comes to him, but is imprisoned before she gets there and meets Grumpy in the castle dungeon. Stealthy the dwarf breaks them out, only to be killed, and Snow gives herself up so Grumpy may live.The King speaks with her and tells Snow that if she does not break James' heart, he will have James killed by an assassin. James will die a martyr and Midas will still help their kingdom. So Snow stomps on James' heart and leaves the castle in tears, only to be found by the dwarves.James ditches Abigail, though, and comes looking for Snow. But she has consumed a potion Rumpelstiltskin made her and...



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