'Downton Abbey': If you were the only girl in the world


"Downton Abbey" is in full swing as a convalescent home in this fourth episode. Just to clear something up - this is the fourth episode. The Season 2 premiere broadcast in the U.S. was two hours and it was episodes one and two. They aired separately in Britain and will be two separate episodes on the DVD set. Also, since some of you may have seen past what is new in the U.S., please keep spoilers out of the comments. Thank you.UpstairsThe Granthams put on a concert for the men to keep their spirits raised. In fact, Edith and Mary team up for a double act, which is nice to see. Theirs is one of the most complicated relationships on the show and while it would be boring and out of character if they were suddenly best friends, it's wonderful to see them working together. We also really enjoyed the scene where Edith tells Mary...



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