Mob Wives Season 2: Mafia Wars Redux

The moment I fell in love with Mob Wives occurred early in its first season when Renee, hot under the collar over something said, let loose "you want to play Mafia Wars? I win, bitch!" to the delight of Karen. Even though I've long since pledged my allegiance to Drita D'avanzo, it was a moment that was not only hilarious in execution (as are most things Renee says) but very telling in terms of the show itself. More than just about any other "wives" show, Mob Wives is about authenticity and having been through some stuff before making it to the other side; you can't really pull any typical reality TV stunt queen moves on Mob Wives because the entire lifestyle and mafia subculture doesn't take too kindly to those that talk that talk but can't walk that walk. All the strategic social moves and peacocking in the world can't mask someone lacking in that all-too-important reality TV element: "realness". Read More...


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