Downton Abbey Recap: Waiting for the Worst

When Downton Abbey opened its doors as a convalescent home for wounded officers, World War I took its place center stage in the theatrics of Season Two. It was only a matter of time, then, until some of our local Downton heroes were swept up in the fray. The worst almost happens this week, and to the worst imaginable duo--the dashing Matthew Crawley and his guileless servant William, who are reported missing in action. While the house and the Matthew-worshipping audience prepare for the worst, the anxiety seeps through to every major plotline: Anna and Bates, who reunite in circumstances far too easy for the fix to be permanent; Sybil and Branson, whose forbidden love seems less like love and more like bullying; Thomas and O’Brien, who are back to their nefarious plotting. And don’t forget poor, predictably pregnant Ethel.)Bad, bad news is coming to the residents of Downton Abbey, and not even Matthew and William’s joyous mid-concert return can fully reassure us. Masterpiece is about to get real. Read More...


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