Pan Am Recap: Robbery and Royalty

Kate Cameron, in her esteemed new position as CIA agent, is perfecting the art of pick pocketing: first with her spy friends, later on with her Pan Am co-workers, and finally on an Italian in possession of American rocket plans he hopes to pass over to the Soviets. She is pretty much incredible at it right away, thanks to Richard’s suggestion that she use her sexuality as a distraction.

Sexuality, in fact, causes problems all over this episode. Amanda stops by Maggie’s apartment to explain that their kiss meant nothing: just a gesture of affection in an evening filled with celebration. Maggie agrees and says she must be sending off some kind of lesbian bat signal. They hug, and it’s pretty obvious that Amanda doesn’t want to let Maggie go. Maggie devastates equally among sexes. Though Maggie promises Amanda that she won’t tell Ted about the kiss, she does so at the first opportunity she gets. Though he hates to believe it, Ted starts lashing out at Maggie because he knows she’s telling the truth.  Maggie takes back her confession at once, but even Maggie wouldn’t lie like that just for the hell of it. Presumably. Read More...


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