American Idol Recap: There Were Seven Triple-Threats!

This year The Voice will get NBC’s plum post–Super Bowl time slot, so as a countermove — and a tourniquet to stop the flow of viewers from the open wound this show has suddenly become — Fox throws an audition episode of American Idol on immediately after the NFC Championship game. And it’s no accident that they’ve chosen the one they shot on an aircraft carrier, the one where the first auditioner is in a bikini top and micro-shorts. It’s like Fox is saying, "Come on back to Idol, boys: it’s jugs and fighter jets all the time over here."

Tonight, Idol promises an audition episode unlike any other, by which they mean, "There will be a huge, distracting amount of background noise." They are on the USS Something-or-Other, an aircraft carrier turned museum that is docked right on a busy San Diego port. Hence, ships, planes, and helicopters are arriving and departing all around them. It looks like the scene in Top Gun where Kelly McGillis shows up to teach the class, and it sounds like a location manager getting fired. Read More...


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