'Pretty Little Liars': Romantic vs. realistic


In good ol' Rosewood this week, the "Pretty Little Liars" get a little more of the puzzle for the night of Alison's murder. Caleb manages to get a video off the phone that shows Ian, Garrett and Jenna searching Alison's room for the videotapes she stole from them.Of course, he does this on the sly because Hanna doesn't want him getting hurt. He takes the footage to Spencer and Emily and gets a few answers as to what is going on and now the three Liars who are not named Hanna have the video.Speaking of wanting to protect your significant other - Toby falls off the scaffolding that "A" tampered with, breaking his arm and sustaining a concussion. So Spencer uses Emily to break Toby's heart, telling him that Spencer is back together with Wren. And Toby leaves his truck in Spencer's yard and leaves town. Sad.Aria and Holden continue to be beards for each...



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