'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A' Puts a Dent in Aria, Hanna and Spencer's Romances


Let's keep it simple this week, shall we?

"A" throws a wrench in Aria and company's relationships, again, and as expected, it's not pretty. Here's where the girls stand by the end of "The Blond Leading the Blind":

[Warning: If you haven't watched Monday's episode, don't go any further. Spoilers ahead.]

Spencer: "A" is on to Spencer and Toby, sending a photo of their make-out session to her phone. Toby thinks he and Spencer are back together, but Emily is forced to cover for her buddy, lying to Toby and saying that Spencer's father is back. But Toby has a brain, so he's not buying it. Remember that tag at the end of last episode, with "A" loosening one of the screws? Well, turns out Toby is the victim of the loose screw, tumbling to the ground when the scaffolding collapses. But the hospital visit means Wren's return, which complicates this Toby-Spencer "pairing" even more, so much so that Toby is clued in to Spencer's past relationship with Wren. Awkward.Sure enough, Toby presumably has left town by episode's end. Read More...



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