'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season finale recap: Always a Housewife

There was some non-drama about whether Pandora's reality televised wedding would be intimate enough. Under plumes of white satin Lisa wondered aloud if the vibe was sexy and intimate enough. How about if she works the tennis pole as an homage to Camille? Ken wore his special lavender shorts for the final crunch-time of planning. Giggy had on satin pink pajamas of course. Is it too late in the Beverly Hills Housewives reign to wonder aloud how that poor dog goes to the bathroom?

Paul got a colonoscopy, poor dear. I feel like that's enough said about that. Although the way Adrienne left that bathroom in an outraged huff when he asked for help with his enema was fun. "Wha-wha-what are you doing right now?! Why am I in here!?" Turns out Paul has a perfect colon. Holds a lot of air. It's not fair how much his flatulence amused all of us. Can Adrienne get one of these Valium drips to go? Read More...



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