Pretty Little Liars Review: Is that It?

Despite promos proclaiming that the "Blond Leading the Blind" would reveal the "biggest secret yet," I was left a with big "That's it?!?" after watching tonight's episode. I enjoyed the intense relationship drama between Toby and Spencer (and Aria and Ezra), and I was genuinely worried for Toby's safety. But, when it comes down to it, what did we really learn tonight?

I think it might be helpful to think about the main mysteries that keep the show exciting to see what we really learned tonight. The biggest mystery of all - who is A? - will supposedly be revealed by the end of the season. So, this week we got confirmation that A was actually stalking Ali when the girls found the secret compartment in the first of the creepy dolls. But, didn't we already know that after the Halloween episode? Read More...


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