'Alcatraz' recap: Kit Nelson has sibling issues, too


The third hour of "Alcatraz" made zero headway on the startling cliffhanger from last week -- that is, why Lucy (Parminder Nagra) was seen in flashbacks as a shrink in Alcatraz. File that one away in the unanswered questions cabinet -- you "Lost" fans are familiar, we're sure.This week's episode focused on Kit Nelson (Michael Eklund), a "child killer" who was beaten by his fellow prisoners in Alcatraz, as the lowest of the low on the criminal totem pole. Also, he was shunned by his war hero father, who believed he killed his brother as a child. Spoiler alert: it turned out that he did, indeed, choke his brother to death, fueled by jealousy of his brother's zest for life. He had watched his brother die at his hands. "That's when I knew that I had to do it again," he 'fessed up to the match-obsessed Alcatraz warden.And do it again, he did, with a...



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