Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - 'The Real Wedding of Beverly Hills'

Oh, yay, it's time for Pandora's wedding. Sorry, I just can't get excited about a person/character I don't care about having a ridiculously expensive wedding. It's a bit like being dragged to the nuptials of a second cousin you never particularly liked and having to make tepid small talk with complete strangers until you can run to your car without offending anyone. I know, I know, some people love weddings, any weddings, but when the main players are exceedingly dull rich kids, it's hard not to think that there are starving people somewhere who'd be happy to eat not only the leftovers, but possibly the flower arrangements. 

Pandy wants more diamonds on her dress! Pandy wants everything pink! Pandy wants bubblegum pink labels on all the wine bottles! Pandy wants Mommy to wear a tiara! Glad she likes everything the color of Pepto Bismol. Unfortunately, I am even less excited about Paul's colonoscopy. At least a minute is dedicated to Paul passing gas after the procedure. Oh, I'm sorry, passing AIR. All I can say is both of these storylines make me want to sick up a bit.  Read More...


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