Lost Girl Review: Bo Faces the Fire of the Fae World

After last week's premiere, I mentioned that I was intrigued by the unknown mythology of this Lost Girl world. This week in "Where There's a Will, There's a Fae," we were introduced to two new Fae creatures, the Fae community bar, and Trick the Fae guru.

Now that Bo has rejected both the Light and the Dark Fae, she has put herself in a risky position. She needs to stay out of trouble and more importantly out of the humans' notice. Given her issues now, it is amazing (impossible) that she stayed hidden for so long. But, it's a television show, so I'll go along with the set-up. I just hope that the show remains believable within the constraints of its world. Read More...



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Jan 30, 2012 9:07AM EST


I Love this show! I saw the first season preview on Syfy and I found 2 full seasons to watch on sidereel before they aired in the U.S. I finished the entire first, and over half of the 2nd season within a week, (Seattle snow storm.) All I can say is that there hasn't been this good of a female protagonist (Bo,) in along time. The character of Kenzie is by far one of my favorite personalities port-raid. She definitely makes my top ten list ex: Lucy Liu in Lucky Number Sleven at #1 and Kenzie from lost girl at #2 Fiona from Shameless at #3. I guess i just want to encourage people to give this show a chance. If anyone who reads this liked True Blood and than got annoyed by the repetitive-ness... watch Lost girl. Cause so far its kept me guessing.

Season 2 episode 9. Honestly I laughed the entire episode through because the acting wasn't up to par. Sadly the only episode in the entire two seasons to make me disappointed. Although Dyson acting as Kenzie was hilarious... still the writing for that particular episode seemed weak. Some actors are hired for specific roles.


I really like Lost Girl, and you should too. :)

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