'Alcatraz' recap: Kidnapping, Chrysanthemums and Creeps

In its second week but already on its third episode, Alcatraz seems to have slid into its comfort zone fairly quickly, which is impressive but potentially troubling. On one hand, it's promising that the series isn't struggling to find a balance between its "procedural of the week" meets "over-arching supernatural conspiracy" template.

On the other hand, the fact that each episode thus far has ended with the criminal-of-the-week caught and sent back to Alcatraz 2.0 feels anticlimactic and a bit rote.

Last night's episode introduced us to former Alcatraz inmate Kit Nelson (the ever-reliable Michael Eklund), a psychotic child-killer who was enjoying his newfound freedom in the present day by kidnapping a young boy from his bed and leaving a disturbing (yet fragrant!) calling card: a white chrysanthemum. Read More...



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