Gossip Girl Recap: There’s a Fine Line Between Surveillance and Stalking

Just like real New Yorkers, Gossip Girl characters are a tenacious bunch. Last night, Chuck Bass proved he would stop at nothing for his true love Blair, even if it meant lurking embarrassingly in the doorway of Juicy Couture store on Madison Avenue. Serena persisted in carrying on her fake relationship with Dan in hopes that it would turn into a real one, despite Dan’s blatant and insulting disinterest. And randy Father Cavalia, who is in New York for reasons unclear, will do anything to stop Louis from marrying Blair in order to keep his job as the "spiritual flack" of the royal family of Monaco. Because he ... loves the church?

As always, only some aspects of what was once known as The Greatest Show of Our Time mirror reality, and it’s up to us to sort the true-to-life from the just plain crazy. Behold: our weekly reality index! Read More...



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