'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Blonde Leading The Blind'

Men of Rosewood: If you value life and limb, do not date one of the "Pretty Little Liars." That was basically the over-arching lesson of last night's episode of the ABC Family drama. Whether this also applies to women (i.e. Maya) is yet to be seen, as she was conveniently absent from the proceedings. Let's review the other rocky romances:

Spencer and Toby
Spencer, more than anyone, is a pro at sending mixed messages. Sure, she and Toby shouldn't be together, but that doesn't mean they can't make out in his pick-up truck on occasion, right? Wrong. A knows about their clandestine kissing, texting Spencer as much. So when Toby stops by the Hastings' to pick up his tools, and rings Spencer's cell, it's Emily who answers saying S is "unavailable at the moment." Smooth, Em. Toby returns later to dismantle the scaffolding around the barn, but A (sort of) beats him to it, loosening a screw which sends the supports (and Toby) tumbling. It's okay, though! He only has a concussion and a broken arm. But it's enough to spur Spencer to end things once and for all...in probably the most cowardly way ever. She has Emily (her official Toby liaison, apparently) tell him she's into someone else. Toby assumes its Dr. McGleamy (Wren) and splits from Rosewood. Forever? Read More....



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