Southland 4.2 "Underwater" Review

I really loved how the title was utilized during the "Underwater" episode of Southland. First, Ben was getting a piece of the local action and dove with her, revealing a great shot of them having fun under water. When Cooper and Tang found a naked man running down the street, he was doing it because he just felt a bit "under water" that day and needed to think. With the new captain in town all the P2s felt the heat and found themselves under water with the job. Pretty much every case and every cop found themselves drowning in one way or another. Brilliant title.

In a "there but for the grace of God goes I" moment, Cooper and Tang found a purse on the sidewalk with an arm attached. Detectives got to track down the vehicle involved and Lydia found a woman's head lodged inside the hood of a silver SUV. The driver, under water fiscally and on his mortgage had just found a job, had a couple drinks to celebrate and drove home. Thought he hit a coyote. Cooper and Tang found out her husband definitely wouldn't have argued the point with him, and laughed with joy at her death. It's too bad they couldn't use his reaction to help with the killer's sentencing. The law just doesn't work that way. Read More...


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