Jusitifed “Cut Ties” Review

This episode of Jusitied was a lot smaller than last week’s in terms of the amount of storylines. Well, I say that, then I realize the sheer amount of ground covered in this episode where it feels like not a single moment was wasted, not a single shot was superfluous, and it’s hard not to be bowled over by the skill and talent of the writers. Give these writers a few seconds and they’ll make a memorable introduction for their characters.

Want proof? Check out Limehouse’s introduction. After Boyd, who spent his time in prison this week trying to get close to Dickie after being almost-almost but not quite-thwarted by Raylan, learns that Mags’ money is on the property of Limehouse, the scene cuts to Limehouse. We get a lengthy monologue that’s put sharply into context when he offers one of his men a choice: never fail him again, or have all of the flesh excised from his hand. Should he choose the latter, Limehouse makes it clear, he and Limehouse will be "square". My favorite character introduction was not his monologue (which Mykelti Williamson delivered with menacing flair) or his scared henchman’s. It was the shot of a hand filling the screen, the flesh mangled, burned, dead. It’s one of the best character introductions I’ve seen in a long time. Read More..



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