Jane by Design “The Finger Bowl” Review

Another week, another instance of Jane saving her boss with her naive enthusiasm. Are we all seeing the pattern forming? This week, in "The Finger Bowl," Jane was charged with catering to the whims of a notoriously frosty Japanese magazine editor, and ended up landing the company on the front pagethanks to her down-to-earth, unpretentious charm.

Gray is either the worst boss in recorded history or the greatest. She’s never in America, which means that all the things she should be doing end up falling to Jane. There’s a high potential for Jane to fail miserably, of course (and the in the real world, she would), but she also gets a weekly opportunity to prove herself indispensable. Most assistants just prove themselves great at making copies and coffee.

There was also another Jane-plays-dress-up scene with a fabulous wardrobe. These need to be few and far between. I love fashion more than I admit to, but even I would find this a bit tedious in every other episode.

The real drama of the night came from the revelation that Billy has been hooking up with Lulu. Before he got a chance to break the news to Jane gently, Lulu forced the issue by planting one on him right in front of Jane. Subtle. Jane is horrified, betrayed and hurt. Lulu’s friends think she’s slumming it and will recover soon. Billy is…well…I’m not sure. He didn’t want to hurt Jane, but not enough to stop himself from bouncing on Lulu. Read More...



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