Southland “Underwater” Review

‘Cops routinely find themselves underwater. The best manage to keep their heads above the surface. But even for a strong swimmer like Officer Ben Sherman the undertow can be tricky.’

As I mentioned numerous times in my season three reviews, I love how Southland ties episodes thematically without it being painfully obvious. This week’s episode looks at how being a police officer can take its toll — and how the cops deal with the consequences.

A lot happened this week. From the woman mangled underneath a drunk driver’s car (and her rejoicing husband) to the wrongfully accused rapist who took revenge on the man who ruined his life, the naked jogger to the man on fire, this episode was definitely not dull. It also wasn’t as brutal as last week’s episode either, thank god. (I had to watch the video of Tang being assaulted through my fingers – it was horrific.)

But despite everything that happened in this episode, it wasn’t really the action so much as the mental stresses that were interesting to watch. Read More... 


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