Criminal Minds “Unknown Suspect” Review

When a rapist murderer ravisher guy – this is Criminal Minds, you know the drill, oh and don’t worry, there’s a copycat. This wouldn’t be the same show without at least two killers – rapes another pretty young (well…actually this one appeared to be in her thirties, so we’ll call her youngish) white woman theFBI are on the case. Luckily, this’ll make the BAU’s percentage round out to a nice, even 100%, which is pretty impressive by anyone’s standards. Oh, and Prentiss didn’t mourn her own non-death. This will be explored in the clumsiest of ways throughout the episode.

This was an interesting episode of Criminal Minds for at least a good five minutes. Somewhere in the middle, I genuinely thought "Hey! Are these writers actually going to make the grey haired guy being tortured innocent? That’d be somewhat morally complex, wouldn’t it, given that in every other episode the bad guy always gets his comeuppance." Of course if you’ve watched this episode, or really any episode of Criminal Minds, you’d know that in this universe the bad guy never gets away and someone who was once a victim in the way that Regina (the trigger happy woman with the television set from the 50s) was would never, ever be wrong. Read More... 


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