'White Collar' Recap: 'Upper West Side Story' (3.12)

The case of the week sees Neal and Peter approached about potential embezzlement at upper-crust Manhattan Prep. The lead suspect is Andy Woods (Dylan Baker, who's played a bad guy so often we should just assume he's the villain every time he shows up), who's in charge of the school's endowment and may have cartel ties. To check him out, our dynamic duo goes undercover, which leads to plenty of entertaining shenanigans.

Just minutes after their arrival, Neal gets mistaken for a substitute teacher, but rolls with it when he sees that Woods' daughter Chloe (Elizabeth Gillies) is in the poetry class he's expected to teach. The result is reminiscent of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, minus climbing on the furniture. (Which makes Peter's later reference to the film all the funnier.) It's an effortless character, but we can still see hints of Neal Caffrey. When he says "Tragic romance - I know it well," we know all the pain that's in that statement without Matt Bomer having to lose that glimmer in his eye. Read More...



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