90210 Review: Can You Hear Me Now?

And we're back.  To the same old drama...the same old problems...and the same dysfunctional 90210.

In "Mama Can You Hear Me?" Annie continued to delve into Liam's new relationship with Vanessa to the point of being a nudge.  Why exactly did she care so much that Vanessa was into Liam?  Let it go, girl. In fact, she should have gone to Carnegie Mellon after all. Vanessa confessed all to Liam. After playing the sad, poor girl role, Liam fell for it hook, line and sinker. Blah blah blah. There's something hinky about that girl. We all know it. But after seeing Liam defend Vanessa I'm officially convinced Liam is a himbo. Nice to look at but nothing between those ears. Read More...



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