Southland Review: Caught in the Undertow

"Underwater" had everyone jumping in the deep end as partnerships were tested and the new Captain handed out applications…to McDonalds.

Yeah, the new captain was definitely looking to make an impression. He's here to protect, serve, and kick some ass and if his officers couldn't get in line with that…well...

Captain: Mickie D's needs all the help they can get. The McRib is back. | permalink

At least he wasn't the type to just sit behind his desk. When Ben wanted to call in SWAT to take down Grambo, Sammy knew that one phone call would send Shaft (Sammy's nickname for the new Cap) on his way and he wasn't wrong.

With the help of a Bible, a cat named Spooky, and a bean bag gun, Grambo went down without bloodshed. That the old woman was wearing a Kevlar vest and packing enough heat to take on a battalion raised a few eyebrows but I suppose that's just another day in L.A. Read More...


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