'Touch' review: Has Kiefer Sutherland found the next 'Heroes'? We hope not


If you go into "Touch" expecting another high-octane "24," you're probably going to be disappointed. If you go into it expecting it to closely resemble "Heroes," you're getting warmer -- but then, if you're a "Heroes" fan, you know disappointment well.That's not to say you shouldn't watch it. From "Heroes" E.P. Tim Kring and starring Jack Bauer himself, Kiefer Sutherland, the premiere of "Touch" is an extremely enjoyable hour of television. Sutherland's performance is compelling as ever as he plays Martin, an overworked father, widowed by 9/11, desperate to connect with his mute son.Jake (David Mazouz), the child, is only heard in voiceover. At first glance, he appears to be autistic, though producers shy away from naming a diagnosis, wanting to focus on Jake's obsession with numbers and patterns for what it is as opposed to attempting to accurately reproesent autism. Without speaking, Mazouz's work comes off as subtle and painful. Basically, we could watch...



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