Criminal Minds Review: Hit it, Maestro

Looks like "Criminal Minds" writers decided to honor the show's 150th episode by changing up the formula a bit. As promised by A.J. Cook, the  action in "Unknown Suspect" didn't disappoint, but it did keep us guessing until the very end. We're used to our UnSubs doing bad things, but they don't usually provide their own soundtrack (or share the same name as a Billy Joel song, ha!). Making a playlist to victimize to though? Now that's just creepy.

It's also pretty brilliant, in a people-are-capable-of-doing-sick-things kind of way. I was amused by their choices of songs as well. Some of those were torture enough just to hear without having an UnSub assaulting on top of it. Rape is no laughing matter, of course. But I couldn't help but wonder a few minutes into the show, do you think he takes requests? Read More...


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