American Idol Recap: It’s God’s Paintbrush

Ratings for American Idol are in free-fall this season, and the Internet is abuzz about the reasons why. There are too many similar shows, some say. Others insist we’re fresh out of good singers after ten seasons. I’d say the answer is much easier: These early episodes are snooze city and we all know it. They’re long, there are too many of them, and if we happen to dig up a singer with an interesting, tragic backstory (abusive dad, club foot, dropsy, whatever), that story will be repeated over and over again once the show really gets going. There’s no reason to spend one hour this way, much less two, much less four. Here’s how much of a waste of time these early episodes are: My friend Richard loves American Idol and knows about it more than anyone on Planet Earth; he literally wrote the book on it. I asked his opinion on last week’s premiere, and he told me: "Ah, this year, I’m sitting it out until Hollywood Week." So there it is, Idol producers: You’ve lost Richard Rushfield. This is the theme-park version of LBJ losing Walter Cronkite’s support during the Vietnam war. Nice job. Read More...


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