'Big Bang Theory': Love, techology style


When last we left off, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) were thinking about getting back together, albeit with a rude interruption of an ill-conceived dream episode. But everyone is back in the real world in Thursday's (Jan. 26) episode of "The Big Bang Theory." So how did they do?[Spoiler Alert]The former lovers look to give it another shot, but with out all the drama and criticism they experienced the first time around. Being the dork that he is, Leonard decides that the best solution to working through any potential problems is to treat their relationship like a software development project. So when things go wrong, and they most certainly will, they each put together a "bug list" of things they'd like to see the other fix.This is a perfectly reasonable idea...up until the point that Penny realizes that she's dealing with Leonard. His first attempt results in a multi-page, color-coded list of items...



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