Parks and Recreation Review: Bowling for a Vote

Parks and Recreation went back to its roots in "Bowling for Votes" as Leslie went on yet another crusade over one tiny little detail.

Yes, Leslie tried her darnedest to win over Bowling Guy, complete with the color-coded and organized binder. The minute Leslie showed off that binder we all knew she wasn’t messing around, Leslie was in it to win him over…and I thought she was going to succeed at it.

Much to Ron’s dismay, however, we were thrown a curve ball. Bowling Guy was a giant jerk and called Leslie a bitch, multiple times. I’m all for humor and curse words, but, even so, this really sapped the humor and lightness out the show momentarily. It was stomach churning to verbally hit Leslie like that, and it shows that even in Pawnee politics is still a dirty game. Read More...


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