American Idol Recap: It’s Just So Phenomenon

Have you ever tried to watch American Idol without the benefit of the fast-forward button? In real time, like the Flintstones or your parents would? If you don’t absolutely have to, I cannot recommend it. I have been exhausted and crabby all day today just thinking about the forced humor and occasional singing I’d be facing tonight. Maybe that’s why ratings have slipped so far so fast: American Idol will suck the life right out of even a happy, music-loving guy. Feel free to use that as a pull quote for your promotional materials, Fox.

Tonight’s show takes place in Galveston, Texas, and opens with 25-year-old Phong Vu, a big, effeminate Vietnamese-American guy I kind of love. He’s one of those guys who can’t say anything that isn’t super-emphatic. "I will make you shock and wow. Being American Idol: It’s just so phenomenon." And then he cries. And then he tries to enter the audition room, but he pulls on the wrong door. And then the producers add a gong noise. In the year two thousand and twelve. Read More...


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