'Chuck' Series Finale Review: Laughter, Tears and Subway Sandwiches

What can I say? The ending of Chuck is awesome.

When TV shows reach a planned conclusion, there's always the danger of not giving fans the payout they've anticipated for years. This is not the case with Chuck. Instead, the two episodes that make up the Chuck series finale deliver laughs, tears, action, callbacks and some of the best product placement you will ever see.




Default avatar cat
Jan 28, 2012 12:47AM EST

I didn't love the last episode of Chuck, it had some good moments but they were just moments. So the Bo Derek episode will be my last chuck.

Default avatar cat
Jan 28, 2012 10:12AM EST

I agree with you, I laughed cried and enjoyed these last two episodes. The way it ended was sad but left us with some hope. I dont think they could have ended it any better than this.

Jan 28, 2012 7:00PM EST

I wish Chuck didnt have to use the last intersect to defuse the bomb, but use to recover Sarah's memories so they could move into their dream home and live their life without the spy game. I didnt like the end :(

Default avatar cat
Jan 29, 2012 4:03PM EST

it was such an unbearable, yet amazingly well planned cliffhanger!! it's sad to see this great show come to an end. Chuck will always be one of my favourite shows and it really does deserve more recognition.

Goodbye, Chuck!

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