30 Rock Recap: Private Schooled

The first half of 30 Rock’s two-part "Idiots" series involved the return of Kelsey Grammer, the missing member of the Best Friends Gang. The second half involves the return of Devon Banks, Jack’s smarmy gay nemesis. Banks represents a civil rights organization called PEEN (it’s not an acronym), and he and his group are willing to make Jack Donaghy rue the day he ever got involved with Tracy Jordan.

Last week’s episode seemed to make light of the real-life controversy that inspired it, but this week’s practically forgets all about it — with one major exception. When Banks first appears in Jack’s office, he plays some videos of Tracy’s offensive stand-up. We don’t get to hear the sound, just watch Jack’s face as he listens to the audio on headphones. Banks fills on some of the details ("Is this the one about how Asians act on the subway?"), but for the most part, the actual content is left to the audience’s imagination. If you know that Tracy Morgan got in trouble last summer for a violent, homophobic rant, then you’ll read the scene as a nod to that incident. If you don’t — and plenty of people probably fit into this category — then you just get to picture Tracy saying something doofy. Read More...



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