Jersey Shore Recap: Let Go and Let God

Sometimes we forget that the Jersey Shore cast are just like you and me. You know, like when you don't show up for work and your boss comes to your house and threatens to make a girl in an Express Men fedora sleep on your couch if you don't shape up. We open this week with a very unhappy Danny calling a staff meeting (ha) to reprimand the crew for being crappy employees and failing to pick up Vinny's slack in his absence. Mike, whom we last saw on the patio shadowboxing his own emotional fragility, is nowhere to be found. "Mike's pretty much useless anyways," he says, which I think is emblazoned on the shop's best-selling terrycloth shorts.

Depending on whether Mike comes back from his patio vision quest feeling changed and appreciated, Danny may be down two men. This may force him to bring somebody new into the house, because as we know, the T-shirt shop is basically the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and demands back-breaking manual labor for unconscionably low wages.  Read More...


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