Parks and Recreation Recap: Punch Out

Leslie Knope is elbows deep in her campaign, and we're getting to see what happens to a control freak when she puts herself up for public consumption, a situation that, as reading any selection of YouTube comments will indicate, is the definition of chaos.

We find Leslie and Ben watching focus groups about Leslie from behind a two-way mirror, and though she's getting a variety of critiques ("She's aggressively short!"), she fixates on one guy who says that she doesn't seem like the kind of gal you can go bowling with. She can bowl, just ask Ron! And there's the Leslie we remember, the manic, spastic, whirlwind of neuroses! By the time we see her again, she's compiled an enormous dossier on the "bowling guy," Derek, and she's determined to fix him by throwing a bowling social so she can let Pawnee get to know her.  Read More...


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