'Jersey Shore' recap - Season 5, episode 4

It was "Return of the Guido" on last night’s "Jersey Shore."Vinny made his triumphant return at the end of last night’s episode, but before we get to the hero’s welcome, there are some other moments to recap.With Mike and Vinny both gone, Danny comes to the house to deliver some bad news. He tells the roommates that part of the deal of living in the house is that he needs eight workers. He tells the whole crew that they need to make room for more people as he’s looking for new roommates.After the grim news is delivered, The Situation returns from his little birthday hiatus, telling everyone that he had a bad day and that on his birthday he likes to isolate himself and hope that someone reaches out to him. What Situation doesn’t realize is that the rest of the house is working on planning a surprise birthday party for him and Pauly D.Team Meatball, fresh off a tongue-lashing from Danny, get to the Shore Store ready to work before getting henna tattoos and prepping the big birthday bash.In planning the party, we are introduced to the creepy stripper manager, who appropriately calls himself the "Wizard of A**." There’s no place like Karma.The theme of Situation and Pauly’s party is that they are "Over the Hill," because being a guido at age 30 qualifies you for the AARP discount on GTL.Back to the labor situation. Danny posts a help wanted sign outside of the store, and immediately two girls come in looking for employment. While Situation attempts to take one of the girls out for coffee, Jwoww pegs them as guilty and Ronnie makes fun of one of the ladies’ "Michael Jackson" hats. Read More...



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