American Idol' recap: Even NASA got cut, y'all

"American Idol" landed in Houston, y'all! An astronaut from our non-existent space program wishes everyone luck! Good luck to you, international space station! Hopefully there's enough funding to fly you back to Earth for the next Aerosmith reunion tour. In-between montages of people who only show up to act like freaks and get some camera time (success!), as well as clips of J.Lo. fighting with Randy and Steven while hair and makeup people swarm over them, here are the few whose auditions were featured: Fong Vu is into "all the camera action in my face." Fong seems normal for about 3 minutes and then suddenly he's a drama queen. "It's just so phenomenon [sic]," he says of the audition process. He tells us God is on his side and then has trouble getting through the door to the audition room. Maybe God was on the other side of the door. Anyway, he strikes a pose he calls his "powerful movement" and then begins to absolutely murder "Un-break My Heart" by Toni Braxton. Maybe because it's the beginning of the day, or maybe because they realize they're dealing with someone with an imbalance, but the judges are softer than necessary. "Your not interpreting what she's saying," says Steven Tyler. Fong rejects this and shows them his "iconic moves" to no avail. Read More...


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