The Finder “A Cinderella Story” Review

Charged with finding not an object, but a person, Walter stumbles (literally…in heels) into the path of a serial killer in "A Cinderella Story," this week’s episode of The Finder. Meanwhile, Willa proves that she’sa long way from being rehabilitated after she seeks revenge for a tragedy from Leo’s past.

There was a lot I liked about this episode. I love the dynamics between Walter and Leo, as well as between Walter and Isabel, but the element of the wayward gypsy girl is starting to feel a little out of sync with the rest of the show. I do appreciate the fact that they’re apparently not afraid to make her dark, but it’s hard to get behind a character who would trick a friend into crippling a man, even if that man was a killer in his own right. We’re so used to characters taking the moral high ground; perhaps it will just take me a little while to get used to this new brand of anti-heroine. Read More... 


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