Marshmallow & Lilypad

Precious pet names and romantic rituals usually make a ridiculous relationship on set. How can they be soooo super cute and adorable, and I haven't the slightest urge to hate them?

Maybe it's because Marshall so unabashedly loves Lily, like after they get married and she's wasted at the fast food joint and he's just so proud to call her his wife. And Lily, though she text's Marshall while he's in the bathroom to make sure he's ok, isn't the normal kindergarten teacher sweetie pie. She farts, chugs beer, holds the well deserved title of Slap Bet Commissioner AND doesn't mind being the 'big spoon'. With their 'daily food intake' greetings and 'crazy monkey sex' , I think they've found the perfect match of comedy and romance (with a dash of corny).

My favorite endearing moment is when Marshall says to Lily, "You could have burped, you could have said yes, but the fact you both burped and said yes is the reason why I married you. I love that moment, it struck so true to me.."


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