The Grey - Review

THE GREY Liam Neeson

This Winter, in The Grey, Liam Neeson plays a brooding sharpshooter who fights tough to save his ass from being eaten by wolves following a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. Last winter, in Unknown, he played a brooding biochemist who fights tough to save his sanity and retain his own identity following a coma in Berlin. Two winters before that, in Taken, he played a brooding retired CIA agent who fights tough to save his daughter following her abduction in France. You see the pattern here? Winter-release slot + travel budget + Liam Neeson = slightly preposterous, routinely violent, apparently lucrative action movie in which the Irish-born star signals inner emotional conflict with his handsomely mashed boxer's face while settling outer physical conflict with his boxer's fists. Read more..,,20556661,00.html 


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