The Darkest Hour - Review

Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby | 'HOUR' GANG It's not hard to tell which characters are goners -- and the order in which they'll be dispatched -- in The Darkest Hour…

When it comes to its creature design, The Darkest Hour opts for a less-is-more approach. Unfortunately, in this case, less is just less. Rather than any Gigeresque monstrosities or the insectoid extraterrestrials of the J.J. Abrams canon, the space invaders of this surprisingly thrill-less Moscow-set thriller are invisible for much of the film. When you can see them, they resemble nothing more exciting than floating Windows screensavers.

By the time these glowing gyros drift down from the night sky like fluff blown off of some cosmic dandelion, we’ve already been introduced to our gang of would-be survivors and have pretty much figured out in what order they’re going to die. Not that we'll be too upset, as it’s clear from early on that these characters are as indistinct and lazily rendered as the floating blobs chasing them. Read More...,,20557082,00.html 


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