30 Rock “Idiots are People Three!” Review

The first of two episodes of 30 Rock this week began with the second half of last week’s episode in which we saw Tracy offend the gay community, which in turn led to Liz offending Tracy by calling him the idiot that he is. To spite Liz, Tracy decides to start an idiots movement. Jack discovered Liz’s new boyfriend and Kenneth and Jenna were off on their own side adventure. Kelsey Grammer will somehow be the solution to Kenneth and Jenna’s pickle with Pete.

I wasn’t sure what I thought about the first half of this two-part episode. It had its moments but it was not memorable nor was it very funny. Any indifference I felt going into the final episode was immediately erased when I saw Will Arnett on my screen. Yes!

Next best part of the episode – Criss managed to drop a very well placed "that’s what she said" during his conversation with Liz. I miss Michael Gary Scott on The Office and a well-timed, well-played "that’s what she said" will never grow old with me. I already like the first two minutes of this week’s episode of 30 Rock far more than the 20+ minutes I watched last Thursday. Read More...



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