30 Rock “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell” Review

The second of two episodes of 30 Rock this week gets off to a shocking start – Jack is eliminating the page program! Equally shocking is Tracy going off to think about his mortality – there is no way this willend well. Also shocking was the prospect of Liz and Jenna questioning their friendship in light of Jenna’s strange behavior. Jenna and Liz have made it this far as friends so it is shocking to think that a few leeches and a PETA set up would force the two to now wonder why they are still friends.

In a not so shocking development, Jack soon realizes that the machine is susceptible to error and not that great. In other things revealed to not be so great, Liz and Jenna realize that a friendship with themselves would never work. Jenna needs someone less self absorbed and Liz needs someone way less neurotic. Although we knew Jenna and Liz would make their way back to each other, I really loved Jenna’s motley crew made up of Knob Kardashian, Mankind and the "Charlie bit my finger" boy. The fact that Liz found her new friend in a Barnes and Noble bathroom is creepy and very Liz-like. The Sex and the City knockoff was quite funny. Read More...



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