Fringe Review: Why Did God Make Me Like This?

Remember all the fear that this season was too slow and didn't contain the characters we had grown to love? "Forced Perspective" changed yours a bit, didn't it? Walter was back making silly quips and playing in the lab, something we haven't really experienced for a long time. Everything is falling into place for this to be Peter's world. It was difficult to remember that during the fall when baseball and a myriad of other things kept the momentum down. Not any more.

When she first drew the picture of the skewered man, I thought it would be kind of cool to have such a gift. That was until she spoke with her dad and she asked him why God made her that way. Their entire family was constantly uprooted because to hide her secret. I suppose it wasn't such a gift after all. It was admirable that she tried to find each victim and warn them, and a great responsibility for a teenage girl. Read More...


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