Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: The Finale

Once Brooke Villone was booted off of Turks and Caicos by each of the other Baseball Wives, part of me thought that we were done with the increasingly delusional model. She didn't have a single tie to the group anymore and the closer they grew, the more likely it was that she would be done.

However, reality TV bad guys don't go down that easily and Brooke is no exception; Terminator Twiggy may not be on the island anymore to enjoy cool drinks, crystal blue water, or innocent flirting with boys, but she's been spending her time in Scottsdale doing something else. As soon as she landed, most likely, Brooke began working the phone, texting and sub-tweeting about the other Baseball Wives in order to stir up some drama. Once Anna, Chantel, Cheri, Jordana, and Tanya find out what's been going down, it becomes time to put an end to Brooke once and for all. Read More...


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