'Once Upon a Time': The King's days of jubilee are short lived


On the latest "Once Upon a Time," several dastardly plots are afoot in Fairytale Land and Storybrooke, all leading back to Regina, of course.Fairytale LandThe King (Snow's father, played by the awesome Richard Schiff) frees a genie because he's a lovely, benevolent king. The genie comes to live at the palace with the King, Regina and Snow, looking for love. And he finds it in Regina.When the King learns of it, he asks the genie to find out who his wife loves and then locks Regina away. Regina's father Henry shows up with a box for the genie to give to Regina, which has a creepy skeleton key on top and contains two poisonous vipers.Regina is going to use to kill herself, but the genie stops her and suggests they kill the King instead, which the genie then does for her. He does reveal his secret plan to fight inflation to the King before the...



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