'The Good Wife': Wendy Scott Carr, owned! Right in the face!


On the latest "Good Wife" episode, Wendy Scott Carr gets owned right in the face by Alicia, Kalinda, Will and Peter. It's pretty satisfying.The State's Attorney's OfficeA grand jury is impaneled to decide whether to bring a case against Will. The crux of the issue is that while a typical win rate for a firm is 60%, Lockhart/Gardner has been at 75%. And with the three judges who are suspected of being bribed (Winter, Dunaway and Parks), the win rate has been 95%.The strategy on Will's side is to turn the testimony towards Peter, as he's the only one who can stop the grand jury from indicting (being the State's Attorney). And if he thinks he's being implicated in wrong-doing, he'll put a stop to it.The strategy on the side of Wendy Scott Carr is to question the firm about the McDermott case, which Will took over from Diane because the case was handed to...



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