Mob Wives Season 2: Invasion of the Crumb Snatchers

Being in the middle on a reality show like Mob Wives can be a sticky situation. You may be able to get all sides of the story by being cool with everybody and there's a chance you could play peacemaker, but eventually, if neither side wants to be cool with each other, you're going to have to make a choice. Whichever way you choose, you're about to make yourself a bunch of unnecessary enemies and possibly lose longtime friendships, so I can see why so many "floaters" decide to wait before siding.

From the first episode of Mob Wives season 2, you knew that Renee would wind up in the middle of the firestorm to come between Team Drita and Team Karen. Renee's arguably the glue that holds Mob Wives together, as she has strong, long-term bonds with every cast member, history that has to be weighed whenever something does go down. With Big Ang just praying for daylight in the darkness that is about to envelope Mob Wives, Renee could easily shift the balance of power to one faction with her vote of confidence. But we're not quite at the day of reality reckoning, with Sunday's episode of the show just throwing the gauntlet down for things to come. It felt like a major beginning, Renee's decision to get involved in the drama likely facilitating multiple huge standoffs to come in the show's remaining six episodes. The entire hour, she kept bouncing from one group to the next and back again, getting recounts from Carla and Karen's encounter in the restaurant and what it meant going forward; you had to feel for the woman, as I don't know how I'd handle four of my friends going at one another, especially since she revealed that the drama had been exacerbating her depression. Renee may have decided to put herself first when she got her surgery, but dipping her toe in the murky waters of Mob Wives messiness shows that she's not quite there yet in terms of putting herself first and keeping herself there. It's noble to want to take stress off of your friends, but is adding it to your already heavy load the best idea? Read More...


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