House of Lies Review: What Would Clooney Do?

This week Marty and his team had a plus one as Roscoe accompanied them on their latest case. I'm not sure I can agree that San Francisco has the best food trucks, but it definitely was a fitting stage for the treat of an episode "Mini-Mogul" dished up. 

First things first, don't be fooled by the rocks that Jeannie's got. As soon as her fiance was out of sight she hid her ring away and once again became Jeannie from the block, asking Clyde to email her the video of his latest tryst with a TSA employee. Thanks to Kurt's (Nick Stahl) cerebral intuition, which he no doubt honed while playing the coffee house circuit, we learned that in addition to being a connoisseur of cannabis Jeannie also has some major daddy issues. This will certainly stoke the already smoldering flame between her and Marty who as we know has parental issues of his own.  Read More...


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